On Piracy

20/03/07 at 6:28 (Uncategorized)

Eu estava lendo um artigo sobre não existir nada na lei americana que proíba ele de baixar qualquer coisa da net, o que deixaria a pirataria legalizada. Eu comecei a escrever um comentário, que acabou se transformando num monstro de mais de dois parágrafos. Aqui vai ele, e sim está em inglês, pq eu estava pensando em inglês:

I am not a lawyer, and will speak in very layman terms, because that is the extent of my knowledge. It goes something like this:
Pirated items, music, games, etc, are items that were obtained without the permission of the owner of the item. So, if you buy a CD, you are entitled to listen to it, and make a backup copy for your safety. But, if you put the CD on the internet, and someone downloads it, that person was not entitled to listen to that music.
But things are not so clear in some cases. I could lend the CD I legally bought to a friend of mine, so this person would listen to the CD without buying it. And this is where things gets messy: because it is almost impossible to prove that you have a pirated item.
I think that what we need here is more a change of mindset, both from consumers and providers, than a change in the law. We need to change our model: we would pay the artist, not because it is the only way to get the content, but because we want to thank him for the content he provided. On the other hand, the distributors must learn that piracy works because it is a *lot* more efficient than the normal means: piracy doesn’t require activation, registration, forms, double-checks. Piracy doesn’t have DRMs, serial numbers, pass-codes, or any other nuissance. So the only way to beat piracy is the oldest solution that you have in any other business: be better. Be more efficient and treat the customers better than pirate stores and you will beat the pirates. And look, I am not saying you have to be cheaper than the pirated items, I said better. Like and old friend of mine says: “If you book them, they’ll come”. It’s the same thing here, if the distributors and providers treat well and with respect their customers, the customers won’t have any reason to pirate.
Ok, this has turned out to be a monster comment, but I got inspired, and this is a very important topic to me.



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