Censurando Bem, que mal tem?

28/12/08 at 12:49 (pessoal) ()

Ao invés de ficar só reclamando com a liga, resolvi fazer alog mais ativo e postei meu protesto contra a censura do título Zack and Miri Make a Porno no forum da ViewAskew productions, lugar onde e dito que o próprio Kevin Smith visita diariamente e até responde algumas mensagens. Tá, não é tão bom quanto o email pessoal dele, mas eu nunca cheguei a esse nível de stalker intimidade com o sujeito.  Aqui está o link para o post, e o texto abaixo. É necessário se registrar lá para postar.


Hi everybody, I live in Brazil and this is my first post. First and foremost, I am a big fan of Kevin Smith’s work, been following him since Clerks, as many here must be, and enjoy all his productions. Secondly, I really have something against horrible title translations, and anyone living in Brazil know what I am talking about. Just to give an idea of the kind of geniuses we have around here, “Be kind, Rewind” received a secondary title of “A Whacky video-store”. Seriously. Maybe I am just more visceral about this than most people.

Disclaimers made, this is the reason of my post: “Zack and Miri make a Porno” received the title of “Pagando bem que mal tem”, which translates as something like “Paying well, no harm felt”. A country that spent more than 20 years under military rule, should give more importance to free speech. This is even worse, because 2008 marks 40 years of the AI-5 (Institutional Act 5), a military act that revoke freedom of speech, among other basic civil rights. What a brilliant way to celebrate this horrid date in Brazil’s history, by censoring a film’s title. Ok, so it’s just the movie’s title, it will probably be displayed in dozens of movie theaters and no one will be prevented from watching it. But I got really outraged with this adulteration, and wanted to leave registered here my protest.

Finally, there was a favor I would like to ask: Is it anyway possible for Mr. Smith, or ViewAskew, to complain with the brazilian distributors about the butchering of this title?


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